Rust CookBook

Published in Packt Publishers, 2017

Recommended citation: Vigneshwer Dhinakaran. (2017). "Rust CookBook." Packt Publisher.

Book Description

If you are building concurrent application, server-side programs, or high performance applications, you will benefit from this language. This book comes with a lot of application-specific recipes, which will help you get kick-started with developing real-world high performance applications with the Rust programming language and integrate rust units into your existing applications. In this book, you will find 75-80 practical recipes written in Rust that will allow you to use the code samples right away in your existing applications.

This book will help you understand the core concepts of the Rust language, enabling you to develop efficient and high performance applications by incorporating features such as zero cost abstraction and better memory management. We later dive deep into the existing problems in web development and deliver solutions to build high performance and safer production-level web applications and services using Rust.

Further on, you will learn how to create HTTP servers and web sockets, building a strong foundational knowledge in server-side programming. Toward the end of the book, we’ll dive into advanced-level concepts such as string handling, macros, concurrency, and parallelism.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the problems in the area of programming language and see how Rust provides unique solutions
  • Get to know the core concepts of Rust you can develop fast and safe applications
  • Explore the possibility of integrating Rust units into existing applications to make them more efficient
  • Find out about the Servo browser engine and its design
  • Achieve better parallelism, security, and performance
  • Explore ways to package your Rust application and ship it for deployment in a production environment
  • Discover how to build web applications and service using Rust to provide high performance to the end user

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