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ML Researcher - Mozilla TechSpeaker - Author - Occasional blogger - Explorer - Foodie

Crisp & short description :

I like to describe myself as an innovative machine learning researcher and a passionate software developer have 3+ years of experience in various domains such as Chatbots, DevOps, Web development, e-Commerce, Computer Vision & customer service and am currently engaged as a research engineer crunching real-time data and implementing state of art AI algorithms for many Fortune 500 companies in the research lab of the world’s largest decision science company in Bengaluru, India.

An open Source aficionado, Mozilla Techspeaker and the author of Rust cookbook.


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Achievements (Things I like to brag about)

  • Have written a book on Rust language named Rust cookbook with Packt publisher
  • Community guy @Mozilla:
  • Got a couple of awards for my high-quality client deliverables at MuSigma